The Slope widget offers a standalone and integrated prequalification flow for customers interested in financing:

  1. Integrated Prequalification Flow

    Comes out of the box with every widget popup in the checkout flow. If we detect that the customer has not prequalified with us before, or their prequalification has expired, we'll prompt them to go through prequalification again before resuming normal checkout flow.
  2. Standalone Prequalification Flow

    Standalone prequalification is optional to build outside of the checkout flow, and can be useful in a variety of ways:
    1. An email marketing blast to get a bunch of customers prequalified at once, when they're not in the middle of placing an order
    2. A button on your website while the customer is logged in, stating "Prequalify now".
      Check out a guide on instantiating the standalone prequalification flow in the widget here.