Order Statuses and Lifecycle

There are three entities involved in an order, Slope, the customer, and the merchant.

For an order to go through the entire lifecycle successfully, the order must be mutually agreed upon in a three-way handshake, indicated by a series of order statuses.

approvedSlopeAn order has been created, usually by a merchant hitting our API, and Slope has approved it for immediate payment or potential financing.
openCustomerThe customer has successfully completed the Slope widget, selected Terms and their payment method, and accepted Slope's Terms & Conditions + Privacy Policy.
finalizedMerchantThe merchant agrees that the order that the customer has placed is real and correct. Payout occurs after this status has been reached, and this is a terminal status.
canceledSlope/MerchantThe order has is canceled and can no longer be opened or finalized. This occurs when you, the merchant, cancels the order directly or Slope cancels the order because it has not been updated recently.

A successful order can be expected to move from approved -> open -> finalized


Once an order is finalized, it can no longer be Cancel an order

Expected Customer Product Behavior upon order status change

Order open

The amount for the order is debited from the customer's available balance upon order open.

If a customer has an available balance of $100k and opens a $70k order on July 1, they will have a balance of $30k, whether or not the order is finalized. The only way for the customer to get back to their original $100k balance is if the order is canceled, or if the order is finalized and then paid off.

Order finalize

An order's repayment schedule begins upon finalization. As an example:

If an order was opened on July 1 and then finalized on July 10, the customerโ€™s repayment date for a Net 60 order would be September 08 (July 10 + 60 days, not July 1 + 60 days). Transactional messages Slope sends also depend on finalization - so they would get an order confirmed email on July 10, the day of finalization.


It is important for the accuracy of customer balances for a merchant to promptly cancel or finalize any open orders.

A time of 0-3 days between open and finalize is optimal.

Payment Status

An order object includes an additional attribute called payment_status describes the repayment lifecycle. The payment status is updated as an order is paid off by the customer and/or refunded by you, the merchant.

Payment StatusMeaning
canceledThe order has been canceled (see order statuses above).
openThe order is in an open state (see order statuses above).
refundedThe order was fully refunded.
completedThe order has been fully repaid by the customer. In some cases the order may have been partially refunded.
partiallyPaidThe order has been partially repaid by the customer. In some cases the order may have been partially refunded.