Sandbox testing and mock data

Testing the sandbox environment and simulating different approval and error behaviors

Our demo site at offers various test scenarios you simulate with along to test different Slope checkout behavior.

Pay Later onboarding for pre approval

Email AddressBehavior
{any}Ineligible by default and requires pre-qualification.
{any}+skip-pre_qualify@Creates a pre-qualified customer with default limits and also skips compliance.
{any}+skip_compliance@Skips the compliance onboarding step
{any}+skip_consumer_credit@Skips the consumer credit consent form step of the financial application
{any}+skip_banking@Allows user to click continue on the banking step with connecting a bank

Plaid banking step & controling pre approved amounts

We integrate with Plaid to link bank accounts, and in various flows we redirect the user to Plaid, which prompts for bank account credentials. Use the following username : password combinations to get the associated behavior described.

custom_high_bal{any}A high balance bank account that will pass pre-qualification with $100k limits
custom_low_bal{any}A regular $100-$200 amount bank account that can be used for checkout. Will get a rejection screen.

Payment Methods

In the sandbox environment, you may use different payment method values to trigger failures modes. The other fields (password, CVV, exp dates, etc) can be any value.

Payment MethodBehavior
Card: 4242424242424242Card auth will succeed
Card: 4544249167673670Card auth will fail
Bank: custom_low_balBank charges will fail
Bank: custom_high_balBank charges will succeed

Order Checkout Rejections

By default, all orders in sandbox will be approved. To test a rejection, create an order total of $1,337.99 which will display a rejection error during checkout.