Event Types

Event typeDescription
so.slope.customer.createdNew customer is created
so.slope.customer.updatedCustomer object is updated by you or Slope's system. We recommend receiving this event for cases where a customer's limits have been increased or their overdue order count has changed
so.slope.payout.scheduledA payout has been scheduled. Refer to your payouts settings to understand if this event will occur for every finalized order or on a scheduled interval
so.slope.payout.paidA payout is expected to be available in the target bank account. Do not use this event as the ground truth. You should always confirm with your bank that money has been received


Unexpected events

Your webhook endpoint may receive different event types depending on your configuration, so you should
ensure you build your webhook such that it handles both expected and unexpected events.


Can't find the perfect event?

Reach out to us and we'll help find or introduce an event that fits your requirements.