deferOpenOrder / `submitted` Order status

On occasion it makes sense to defer opening the order until later down the line. For example, a merchant may have the customer in their checkout flow, open up the Slope widget to collect payment information, and then direct the customer to a summary page prior to confirming that an order is all ready to go. It's possible for the customer to drop off between the payment method collection page and the summary page, which is a passive indicator that the order should not be counted against the customer's credit limit.

In this case, we can use the submitted status as a way to signify the customer handshake occurred, and once the customer clicks on the merchant's "Confirmation" or "Proceed with checkout" CTA, have the merchant then call the Open an order API endpoint.


Once an order is open, that order begins counting against the customer's credit limit.

Required changes to default end to end flow

  1. When opening the Slope widget, pass deferOpenOrder: true when initializing
  2. Call the Open an order API endpoint prior to calling the Finalize an order endpoint