Display standalone prequalification widget


Prequalification flow is optional

You don't need to explicitly build a separate prequalification flow for your customers. The standard checkout widget will automatically prompt the customer to prequalify if they have not been approved with limits yet. Read more here.

Initial prequalification screen

Initial prequalification screen

Step 1. Generate a Customer Intent token

Make a POST request to /v3/customers/{{CUSTOMER_ID}}/intent. Generate a customer intent

curl --request POST 
--url 'https://api.sandbox.slope.so/v3/customers/{{CUSTOMER_ID}}/intent' \
--header 'Authorization: Basic {{BASE_64_ENCODED_USER_AND_PASS}}'

Step 2. Initialize the Slope widget with the flow parameter

In your playground, initialize Slope setting flow to pre_qualify and using the customerIntentSecret generated from Step 1:

  flow: 'pre_qualify',
  intentSecret: '{{CUSTOMER_INTENT_SECRET}}',
  // other params below

What to do after the customer completes the prequalification widget?

Successful completion of the prequalification widget will trigger an onSuccess() callback containing an updated customer object. For full widget callback possibilities, see here.

We recommend that once the widget is closed, make a backend request to the Get a customer endpoint in order to get trusted and up-to-date data on the customer.